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FLR Services

FLR Automotive Services

FLR Automotive is a full-service repossession agency offering a variety of services. Our fleet is well-maintained and equipped to recover all vehicle types. We are committed to providing exceptional recovery services to our clients, and look forward to helping with your collateral recovery needs.

  • Recover a Variety of Assets Including: cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, etc.
  • Recovery Database Network (RDN)
  • LPR Camera System - Digital Recognition Network (DRN)
  • Skip Tracing and Photographs
  • Secure Storage
  • Vehicle Repairs
  • Member of RISC Pro - Professional Recovery Agent Network
  • Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS)


auto repossession
car repair
Connecticut repossessions
Questions? Call 203.635.0633

FLR Automotive, LLC

371 Orange Street
Bridgeport, CT 06607

   203.635.0633 Phone

  203.635.0683 Fax



Utilizing DRN LPR Technology
We May Already Know Where Your Assets Are!

Licensed and Insured

For your protection we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. FLR Automotive is also a Certified Asset Recovery Specialist through the C.A.R.S. training program, and utilizes RISC PRO for meeting CFPB compliance standards.



Recovery Database Network


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